Therapeutic Shaking™ Finally find the “Off Switch” to all your anxious feelings.


I teach Therapeutic Shaking™ to clients; it’s a set of yoga style exercises that strain and stretch your muscles to send a tremor to your reptilian core region of your brain. These exercises allow you to finally find the “Off Switch” to tell the brain, “It’s OK, the danger’s passed, you can release all the nervous energy now.” When the brain receives the tremor signal involuntary shaking (sometimes the whole body) will occur. We’re all different because we have all experienced life differently. What this means is our body is a history book and everyone’s shaking is different and appropriate. When the shaking stops, the nervous energy is gone and that’s when you feel a peace you may not remember ever feeling; allowing you to finally make sense of your past in a way that allows you to move forward with clarity.

Every animal in the animal kingdom does it… When the antelope gets up in the morning and notices a lion chasing him and happens to outrun him that day, the first thing it does is go behind a thicket and shake until all the nervous energy from that traumatic event is gone. Then it goes down to the watering hole and takes a drink. While it’s drinking, it doesn’t think… “Man that was a close call…” or “I hope that lion’s not anywhere around here”. We do that. We think about the past and the future all the time. They don’t have PTSD… we do! Because we have this big walnut shape of our brain, the neocortex, that’s all about thinking. We also have a mammalian or our limbic region, which holds our emotions, and a reptilian region of our brain, that reacts when we’re in danger.

Shaking as a tool on its own is quite effective and  blending the Hypnotherapy and the Tapping with the shaking moves it up a notch into a very powerful Therapeutic tool.

Millions of people have benefited from this technique… isn’t it time you learn how to finally let your nervous energy go?

You’ll have to try it to believe it!