Asthma and Heart Burn and…

I have been seeing Randy on and off for about 6 months now and have seen many physical and mental benefits. Each session is a joy. Physically I have significantly reduced stress, improved my health and eliminated daily asthma and heart burn medication. Mentally I am happier, more focused at work, and improved my relationships with my family. Life is truly more enjoyable and I feel much more free and able to reach my goals than ever before.

Jake Hartinger, Palo Alto, CA

Panic Attacks

You have been such a help to me with my anxiety attack problem. For the past 4 years I have been held hostage by these attacks not knowing when they would occur or what would trigger them. After only one session with you, I have not had an attack for over a year. I don’t feel like a hostage anymore and am able to face some of my previous fears without worrying that they will cause an anxiety attack. I thank you for the bottom of my heart for your help and look forward now to a future without fear.

All my best,
Carrie Rasmussen, Shingle Springs, CA

Stress affecting motivation to exercise and eat right

I have had a series of sessions with Randy. It was phenomenal experiencing his work and well worth it. My ability to perform at work, stay focused on healthy choices and my overall well being has been greatly enhanced, as a result of my sessions.

Randy’s approach is as powerful as it is flexible. I was quite impressed by how easily the sessions flowed with whatever came up – no preconceptions of what should be, just working with what is there.

His comprehensive approach uses EFT to work with my body sensations, connecting with feelings, and physically releasing negative emotions from my body. Randy assisted me to find the good in my past experiences, enabling a deep and lasting healing.

I wholeheartedly recommend Randy and his EFT for anyone wanting to make significant positive life changes.

Steve Moffet, San Jose, Ca

Help with major life decisions… and…

Randy Hold is awesome! He has helped me in many ways. I first went to Randy through a recommendation from a friend. I was wanting to simplify my life and as part of that I wanted to sell my home because of the burden of maintaining it. In addition to the normal intensity of selling a home, because I’d owned it for 20 years, there was also lots of soul searching to make sure this is what I wanted to do.

I especially appreciated Randy’s approach, because it helped me to go inward to find the answers with little advising.

Mission accomplished! I sold my home and have absolutely no regrets. And now as I continue onward to new horizons with simplification as a theme.

I look forward to continuing with Randy’s help. He’s a gem and I highly recommend him. You will absolutely love working with him.

Mike Beasley, Ph.D.
Career and Leadership Development Consultant

Panic Attacks During Driving Negatively Impacted My Whole Life

About 3 years ago, I started having anxiety attacks during certain driving conditions. At first it was an occasional event, but then it grew into an avoidance of driving which kept me from going to work and participating in the activities that I enjoyed.

It got bad enough that I went to my Doctor who immediately prescribed an SSRI. I tried several different SSRI’s’ but found that while they may have reduced my anxiety some, they created a multitude of side effects. I was gaining weight, sluggish, foggy and unmotivated. I became less sensitive and felt less in touch with my feelings.

After working with my doctor to get off the SSRI’s, Randy guided me through a process to eliminate the root cause of my anxiety. The sessions were amazingly simple and logical. After the the first session I was able to start moving past my negative responses and focus on my positive thoughts. After a second session with Randy, I was driving all over the state without a second thought.

Not only did Randy help me in just a few sessions, but he also empowered me to release negative feelings as they surface. I now have the tools to continue getting better and not be limited by my anxieties.

Dave Dreisbach, Livermore, CA

Smoking Cessation

I had tried to stop smoking in the past, I had even tried hypnosis a long time ago so I didn’t think this would work.

Randy employed a very simple technique that had me focusing on my feelings. By releasing my feelings I was able to get some insight into some past events that had kept me from stopping smoking.

Randy was particularly patient and encouraging every step of the way. His calm, caring, encouraging demeanor really helped me over the hurdles.

I’m thrilled to say I have been a member of the non smoker ranks for more than a year now!

Thank you Randy for being there for me,
John McElyae, Palo Alto, CA

Afraid to sleep alone…

I went to other people to help me for over six months. After only two sessions with Randy I was able to sleep by myself.

I learned how to release bad feelings whenever I have them. I’ve used my new tools at school and at the Doctor’s office when I was getting a shot.

It really works for me.

Thank you Randy.

Elizabeth Madison, age 7, Los Gatos, CA

Amazing results with childhood trauma

Randy — So many areas of my life have been positively effected by our session on Thursday! My ability to feel empathy is profound. It’s almost bordering on sentimentality with the net result being a very close connection with others. Haven’t done that in the longest time.
And, I am actually seeing more clearly! Colors are brighter and more defined. When I was out for a hike late Thursday, and again yesterday morning, I was able to see hundreds of shades of green. Wow!
My dreams on both Thursday and Friday night were the most vivid I can remember in recent history. I must have been in deep REM sleep because I have awakened totally refreshed. And, my recall of actual details of the dreams is uncanny. 
I cannot thank you enough for an amazing session. It has been life-changing. .
Blessings, Linda M, Foster City, CA 

Difficulty talking to people

I have learned so much from you Randy! You truly are an exceptional person! Before I saw you, I had a difficult time talking to people, I would just take abuse from my work and take my anger out when I drove. All that’s changed for me. By releasing the feelings that I had, I was able to understand how certain things in my past had made me act the way I did. Through a lot of hard work I really am a lot happier, productive person and I am able to talk to anyone about anything. And I drive safer now too. I think everyone should come see you, then maybe we could all be happier.

With much appreciation,
Gery Pappa, San Francisco, CA

Stressing out at work

Originally, I came to Randy to help me with some challenges at work that were stressing me out. I quickly learned that the problems I’m having today were symptoms of stuff that’s happened to me in the past.

Thank you for helping me put peace within myself on my childhood. I used to be mad at my Mom for the way things worked out but now… I truly feel the love I’ve always had for her. I sent a tray of dried fruit to her and she called me to thank me (she normally doesn’t call) and she was like a little child excited and so grateful for the surprise gift.

She probably appreciates it more now since she can’t drive out of town to get special things. You were right about little gestures of kindness. Thanks again for your help.

I also got a few questions answered (almost a tear there). Amazing how she knew dates (and I know these are correct) It was a really good conversation!

I have shared my wins with friends and explained to them what you do and how it has helped me.

All I can say is, I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone thinking they have to “deal” with their stress instead of heal it.

Thank you,

Diane Moffett,
San Jose, CA

Husband felt stuck packing for their new home

Dear Randy,
Your expertise – continues to amaze me. I guess I should be used to it by now, but I still find myself so profoundly grateful and impressed.

We picked up food on the way home and then I collapsed into an over four nap that was much needed. While I slept, my newly-freed and inspired Honey went to Costco, Home Depot and the UPS Store to pick up supplies and was packing away in the garage when I awakened. I know that you excel at taking the hard cases, the “non-functioning” to “functioning” cases. But there is a subtle and beautiful art to taking someone who is high functioning to even-higher functioning. …and I promise you, the impact to the person, their loved ones, and the world around can be just as great.

Thank you,
Sue P, Palo Alto, CA

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