What’s the difference between Advanced EFT and classic EFT?

EFT does work, it just doesn’t work for everybody in every instance. Many of my clients have tried EFT to the best of their abilities and have decided it’s not for them. Some find temporary relief but the next day they’re right back to where they were.

That’s when you need to try the Advanced version. By going inside, feeling and releasing your feelings and healing it at the root cause, the real issue can be resolved and your relief will be more permanent.

If you’ve tried EFT and decided it didn’t work for you then you owe it to yourself to try the Advanced EFT.

Classic EFT:

• Distracts the client from their feelings
• Has you maintain eye contact,
• Direct suggestions given while tapping are the remedy.
• The suggestion to love and accept yourself is common but potentially harmful because we all have our own personal books of truth and in our book of truth, unbeknownst to us, may be a definition of love that is actually destructive.


• Go inside, feel the feeling,
• Eyes closed, only job is to feel and release the feelings
• Focus on releasing feelings and finding new truth
• Don’t use love, as everyone’s definition is personal.
• “Fill the cup” using the Perfect Affirmation system

Classic vs Adv EFT