About Randy Hold, Core Healing Therapist


Therapy Bio:

◦ Clinical Hypnotherapist: Hypnotherapy Institute (Randal Churchill)

◦ 4 time Boot Camp graduate for Advanced Hypnotherapy by Results Beyond Expectations (Matt Sison and Randy Shaw)

◦  Certified Emotional Freedom Technique practitioner by Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy

◦  TRE Exercise Specialist

◦ Member of the American Council of Hypnotists Examiners

Corporate Bio:

◦ 25 years Corp America: Tandem Computers (Ungermann-Bass), Apple Computers, Intel, Abbott Labs, Blue Shield of California

◦ Corporate Trainer, Consultant in: Problem Solving, Teamwork, Facilitating, Communication, Change Management

◦ BS, University of San Francisco

My story:

When I was laid off during the dot com bust, I felt low for quite a while. I worked out at the gym quite a bit just to stay in shape.

That’s where I realized how much joy I get from helping people (lift properly) a lesson I kept in my back pocket.

When I returned to Corporate America, I was trained to be a Trainer by some of the best Corporate America trainers. My favorite class was Crucial Conversations where I was first introduced to the concept of mastering my ‘stories’; I began to internalize the training and discovered how powerful it really is.

Eventually, I decided to sharpen my saw and research different ways I could help people. Since my experience with talk therapy wasn’t positive, I decided to explore Hypnotherapy as a possible new career.

Fortunately, I was taught by some talented healers. Randal Churchill was the past President of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners one of the largest certification bodies in the US. His specialty was Regression Hypnotherapy (2nd Generation Hypnotherapy) so I learned a very powerful technique to start with.

Matt Sison was the creator of 3rd Generation Hypnotherapy along with Randy Shaw. Together, their workshops helped me advance my abilities exponentially. Before I learned their technique, I saw Hypnotherapy as a powerful toolset that had limits, but after mastering it, I have had quite remarkable outcomes with myself and my clients.

I attended an EFT course at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy and their instructors were especially passionate about how we’re all innocent, a belief I hold for all my clients.

The missing puzzle piece was Traumatic Release Exercises. Blending it with my other tools enables clients to ‘drain their swamp’. I like that 80% of what you release through shaking leaves your body without any attachment to your thoughts.

Blending the different methods together gets very powerful results. I know how effectively they work because I use them on myself.

 My Hope for you

Is to really embrace the power, simplicity and wisdom in this combined method. And by experiencing the power in a session you will have hope that there’s a way you can heal and get over whatever pain, whatever suffering,  whatever you’re stuck in and start creating the life you always dreamed of.

My hope is that by hearing of other’s successes: Heroine addiction, PTSD from childhood torture, physical pain, broken heart, Cancer, Parkinson’s etc., that you’ll find the motivation to explore this powerful alternative healing method. Also be aware, it’s not just a wave of a wand, that it’s going to take some effort to go where your mind/body wants healing.

This is just the beginning for you; a very important step on your journey. You’ll discover this method is a missing link, “the how” that helps you understand and follow the teachings from your religion and the great spiritual teachers of our time.

You’ll also discover what a wonderful person you really are… and the knowledge of that, is very healing.