3rd Generation Hypnotherapy blends the power of the mind with releasing of energy to help you heal down to your core


Hypnotherapy has evolved way past relaxation and visualizations… it’s evolved past going back to the root cause memory without tools to do something while you’re there. 3rd Generation Hypnotherapy uses both Generation 1 and 2 tools but we untangle the feelings that are keeping you from your truth. Once you see things clearly, you can finally heal from whatever you’ve been carrying around your whole life. That’s when you really begin to thrive!

Most Hypnotherapists and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioners have not been taught how important it is to work with feelings. Many of them would even disagree with the need to work with feelings. If you’ve worked with someone and you only experienced some temporary relief, it’s because the older relaxation style is mostly painting over a dirty surface. If you don’t clean the surface off, the new ideas aren’t going to stick.


If you don’t clean the feelings out first, it’s like painting over a dirty surface.

For something simple, Classic EFT or 1st and/or 2nd generation Hypnotherapy may work but if you’re interested in healing to the core, you going to have to let some nervous energy out.

There’s always a reason why we are the way we are… It’s a thought that’s been held in memory by the energy of the moment, if you don’t let the energy out, you can’t change the beliefs and perceptions formed in the moment. For something simple, Classic EFT or first and/or second generation Hypnotherapy may work, but as the intensity of your issue increases, if you don’t address the nervous energy, it’s like painting over a dirty surface; your body will find another way to deal with the real problem.