Specializing in helping you release your stress so you can finally feel peaceful

Core Healing Therapist™ (CHt) helping relieve stress and heal down to your core!

Given up hope of ever feeling good again?

I empower you to learn tools for life that will help you feel happy, energetic and stress free!

Core Healing Therapy is a blend of three different modalities:

Combined, CHt is a very powerful way to help you release those stressful, anxious feelings.  Stress is real energy that can be trapped and stored in the body, it comes from our past. Once you’re clear of it, you can make sense of your past in a way that allows you to set yourself free and course correct your life. It’s the combination of these advanced three modalities that makes this work unique and powerful.

You’ll be guided to heal yourself of life long challenges like: chronic pain and diseases including tinnitus, migraine, and sinus headaches. You will learn tools and techniques for you to heal yourself from challenges like lack of self-confidence, rebuilding after a breakup, death or a divorce and other major life changes to PTSD. I’ll teach you how to eliminate chronic anxious feelings relating to anything from sugar, cigarette habits to other addictions up to and including Heroine. Fear issues that can really impact a life are actually straightforward: driving, flying, and having surgery for example may be only a couple of sessions. There’s not much that relieving the stress can’t help with.

CHt teaches you to heal yourself from a lifetime of trauma!

CHt is far more powerful than each component used separately. It’s not a mechanical process, nor do you just sit there and have me relax you; rather it’s free flowing and interactive. My gentle supportive style along with my intuition makes every session effective and powerful. I don’t try and “fix” you, rather I am guiding you and teaching you tools so you can allow your body to heal.

You’ll notice changes in weeks not years!

I’ve been fortunate to be trained by some very talented healers; innovators in the field. There is a huge difference between the Generation One, Two and Three Hypnotherapy.

If you decide the deeper work is what you need, give me a call, I’m here to help you in weeks, not years.

This may be the best gift you can give yourself!